We did it! We hit the $1.5M ministry space expansion need and completed reach! 

Thank you to everyone who has partnered in the REACH campaign. Because of your generosity we are just weeks away from making space to reach hundreds of people for Christ. Through God's prompting, and your willingness, all of this has been made possible! 

Step 1: $2,300,000 // Close On 54.5 Acres Of Land
Step 2: $350,000 // Debt Reduction & Professional Fees
Step 3: $500,000 // Architectural Design
Step 4: $300,000 // Prints & Permits
Step 5: $3,000,000 // Start Construction
Step 6: $1,000,000 // Complete 3-Year Pledge

Step 7: $1,500,000 // Ministry Space Expansion

What's next? 
We'll have a special "Move-In Offering" on the first weekend in the new building. This will be a special moment for us to first give thanks and offerings to God for all He has done and will do through the Milestone family! 

 Only $100,000 to go on our 1.5M Reach 2.0 Goal!